Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Bitter Sweet Adios

   So first of all we want to start off by thanking everyone soooo much for all of your support! We know without a doubt, that this move would be very difficult without it. We feel very loved and blessed to have family and friends like you!!!
   On Sunday we had a going away party full of great food, many tears, & of course good old fashion Griggs humor.

                                                    One of the best friends I have
                                      ever had, or ever will have.  


                                                 I think Tay looks great in this look!

                                                            Mario's long lost sister!

                                                                   Sweet Ireland



  Again thank you all so much from the bottom of our hearts. We are so happy to have this oppertunity to serve Jehovah in our youth. But we are very sad to leave behind all our wonderful spirtual family in Kentucky. Please keep in touch. So be sure to check back often to see any new posts. We will try to share our experinces with you and let you in on anything new and exciting.

   For those of you in Mexico, we can't wait to see you! Only 12 days!!!

                                                     Tay & Meg

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