Sunday, March 25, 2012

Packing 101

So Dad and I are all packed up and we start driving tomorrow bright and early. Dad, Zac, & my uncle Travis spent around an hour to fill my pour little Passport to the max.
He looks so happy!

So we leave early tomorrow, drive to Arkansas to see Danny & Rhonda. ( My aunt & uncle) We will stay the night in Little Rock, then head to Texas. We will stay a few days with Mark & Theresa. Then on the 29th we are heading to San Antonio, where we will meet up with John & Crystal Hewitt. She was a friend of my moms from when they were kids. Her and her hubby put us up for a few weeks the first time we went to Zac. Then Friday the 30th we head to Mexico. We should be in Zac by around 4pm. Tay and mom are flying out in a week. Not sure how that happened exactly, Tay & Mom in a nice little plane for a few hours/ Dad and I stuck in a cramped car for 5days. I think there is something not quit fair about that.......well anyway we will let you know how it goes!


Meg & Tay


  1. Drive Carefully Marshall remember you have precious cargo. Tell Mark and Theresa we said hello.


  2. Hope you guys have a safe journey!. I also pray that you don't have a flat. Can you imagine having to unpack to get to the spare tire!!!!!
    Be safe.
    Michelle H.