Monday, April 9, 2012

Hola mi Kentucky amigos!

  We are safe and sound in Zac! Tay and mom flew down without a hitch. The drive down, although long, was a piece of cake. ( If you don't count the small mechanical stop in Bowling Green.) You know all the pics from the last post? The ones where it looked like my car was so loaded down the tires might pop? Well any way after we fixed that the rest trip was a breeze.  We were able to stop and see Danny and Rhonda, and Mark,Theresa,Brynne, and Donna. They are doing well, and send there love back to KY!
  Since we have been back we have been showing the parental units all around the city. The anual Zacatecas Cultural Festival is going on downtown. It happens every spring and is very cool. Bands from all over the world come to play and the concerts are free!

Eduardo & Irma

 Chris was very excited.

 We saw Bond. They are a group of girls who play modern hits on the Violin. They were excellent, I suggest you youtube them.;)

   The Mmorial went great. Ours was held at a old hacienda that is now a silver work shop. We met with our sister congregation in Guadalupe. We have 50 publishers between us and we had 91 in attendance!!
Mom & Ai

Tania & Taby
(aka the Mexico Amber & Stacey;)

Also the third day we arrived we found a house! Its brand new 3 bed room 2 1/2 bath, with a back yard. For you worry warts out there you will probably like to know that its in a Privada. Which is a gated comunity, complete with 24hour guard, IDs to get in and out, and a stone wall surrounding. It is also close to many brothers, and infact our dear friends Chris & Taby are right across the road in the nighboring privada. (you guys just cant get rid of us).

So thats all for now, keep in touch!

Meg & Tay