Monday, May 14, 2012

Our First Assembly

Hello everyone! Sorry its been a while since our last post. We have been uber busy with service and trying to get our new house in order.

     Everything is going great (aside from a few mishaps that can be expected when in a new country right?) One such mishap involving a less than savory neighbor letting the air out of my tires when I parked closer to his house then he would have liked. Also another involving a my car and a poll. And another involving a rather large spider that has taken up residence under my couch. But that is a matter for another post. Hehe.

   Last weekend was our 2-day assembly and pioneer meeting. ( It was the same one most of us had in the fall) Our Circuit Assemblies are in Guadalajara, its a city of about 6 million people and its approximately 4 hours away from Zac. The assembly itself is held in a very nice hotel (the same chain used for the international conventions) close to a very nice mall.;) So here are a few facts for you about our circuit and the need here:
  • We had 902 in attendance on Saturday and 988 on Sunday.
  • Our circuit spans 5 states mostly along the cost.
  • A little over 30% of the circuit are pioneers. Last March over 60% of the circuit was pioneering for the month.
  • In the last 8 months 10 new English groups were started.
  • There are 3 congregations with 2 elders or less (all near the cost;)
  • 6 congregations with 5 pioneers or less.
  • 135 unbaptized publishers. (and there are not a lot of kids, so these are mostly people from the field)
  • English is the fastest growing filed in the region.
  • We had 13 baptized. Including the first one baptized from Zac!!
 Our hotel was very nice and clean.

Unfortunately there was only one bed, so I slept in the closet.

Our congregation was assigned the Bible Highlights. As you can tell we take our assignments very seriously.

Chris was a great modle of poise and finesse.

Eri & Ai
 Tabs & Meg
 Andrea & Irma
Pat (aka the best attendant ever!)

   Funny enough this is the same assignment we had with H-burg at the same assembly in October. Funny hu? Irma's husband Eduardo gave the part. And I am happy to report that despite what he had to work with, the part went off without a hitch. :)
   So had our first new baptized publisher in Zac! Jatsive and her daughter Adriana started studying with Patrick and Dinah before we were even a congregation. Jatsive was our first unbaptized publisher and now our first baptized.

Dinah & Jatsive

   The baptisim took place on the roof in the hotel pool. Pretty cool hu? So please welcome our 13 new brothers and sisters to the organization!

   The ministry is going great. There are 5 bible studies who regular attend the meetings. We have some really good calls going and are starting to get to know the territory.
So thats all for now. Keep in touch!

Meg & Tay


  1. Some how I do not believe that closet Pic

    How come I do not see pic of Tay?

    1. Hahaha. Yeah you are right the closet was a joke. Tay took all the pics. I took some of her but she did not like them. Heheh

  2. We laid carpet in Corbin today. It wasn't the same without u guys. But we're so glad u guys are well settled in ur circuit!


    1. Awwwww, thanks. Believe it or not the carpet crew is one of the things we miss the most. So let me see, did anyone get seriously injured this time? (like my padre?) Or spill glue all over the carpet? (like marky mark?) Hahaha, actualy word on the street is you guys are doing a great job with the carpet legacy. But if you want to switch up carpet for tile in Mexico for a while, let us know. We love visitors! Please give the crew our love next chance you get. :)

    2. haha nope, thankfully no serious injuries just the normal cuts and such. We had a group of brothers come from TN to help us out which was great cause i think we only had 7 people there to start. Plus your dad wasn't there so big gap needing to b filled. But anyway we'll send on ur message and keep the posts coming!