Monday, August 13, 2012

1 Year Anniversary

Hola everyone! Sorry we have not updated in a while. I have been told by several members of my family that this is unacceptable. So we will try to to better.

So some exciting things are happening in Zacatecas! First of all Morgan Bauer is coming to visit this month! Our first guest!! She will be staying from August 26-Sept 29. We are so excited and have many fun things planned! Also we are coming home for a visit October 4th. We are staying for 2 weeks and would love to see as many of you as possible. :) Then when we return Zac is coming back with us and staying for 2 months!!! He will get to come to the district convention with us in Guadalajara. I know he just cant wait to be in the same house with his loving, sweet, caring big sisters again. ;) So we will defiantly be busy these next few months.

These past few months have been awesome! Tay and I each have some bible studies going and a bunch of good return visits. My Bible study Franzely is making good progress and coming to all the meetings.:) Her and her Little sister Michaella are a great encouragement to us! And in our congregation of 25 publishers we have 8 Bible studies who attend the meetings regularly. And about 4 more who are semi-regular. Its great to see how Jehovah is blessing the efforts of the brothers!

A few weeks ago we had our C.O. visit. Shane Flemming and his wife Misty served our congregation. They were Missionaries in Panama for several years before entering the circuit work. And funny enough they know many need greaters from Kentucky that moved to Panama like Doug & Peggie Isaacs, and Josh & Lisa Randal. What a small world it is in Jah's Organization. We had a great time with them and were able to have lunch with them at the Panduro's house. Unfortunately this is our first and last visit with them, due to the great CO shuffle of North America. I'm sure Jehovah well bless them in there next assignment, and we look forward to seeing our next CO. (Oh and thought you might like to know that Shane looks just like the adult version of Cole Sullivan.)

Now for some bitter sweet news. Our friend Massile Cortez is moving. :( She and a sister from Guadalupe English are moving to Aguascalientes. Aguas is about 1hour 15mins from Zac and is about 3 times as big. Massie is going to support an English group there and Nadia (sister from guad) is going to be helping a Chinese group. So our hall and Guad will each be losing a pioneer. But we are very proud of these girls and hope they are happy in their new assignments!

OK so now for the really cool stuff. We have a new elder in our congregation! Chris Panduro was appointed an Elder last week. We are very proud of him and Taby. :)) So now our congregation has four Elders and one Ministerial servant. Also this month was our congregations 1 year anniversary!!! We had a get together to celebrate!

 Michella, Franzely, Tay

 Massie & Angel
 We all made good use of the swings

Of course a little friendly soccer game

Chris the grill master



Now of course these past few month would not be complete with out some good old fashion hiccups. Ours have included a nasty bout of amoebas, no gas in our house for over 2 weeks ,(that means no hot showers or cooking) & my car is in the shop cause it could die at any second. So that has been fun. But nothing we cant handle. Thankfully Chris and Taby live close so they are our ride at the moment, the amoebas were curred with some anti-biotic, and the gas.......well we are still working on that. But you would be amazed at how many things you can make in a toaster oven!! (Thanks for the oven uncle stu, idk what we would be eating without it ;)

Lots of Love,
Tay & Meg


  1. Thanks for finally posting something besides pictures of ugly dogs and cats!!!!! At least the people are pretty down there!

  2. HAHAHA, well i guess we are a pretty good looking bunch.;)