101 Reasons To Come To Mexico

So do you all realize that we have been in Mexico for 5 months (combined with the first trip) and we have not had a single visitor??? Not one single visitor! So I figure this must be because I am not doing a good enough job promoting the place. (Because it could have nothing to do with our Griggs charm or lack of cooking skills.) So starting now we are going to have a new feature on the blog. 101 Reasons to come to Mexico. So starting now ill be posting reasons why you should come visit. Check back soon for the first instalment.


Meg & Tay

101- Dogs

So I know this may seem like a strange reason. But the dogs here are a constant source of entertainment out in-service. Just when you think you have seen the ugliest dog known to man, you turn a corner and a dog twice as ugly comes to greet you.

 It is a common practice to find the homeliest dog around and stick him in a sweater.

Well we think this is a dog................

100- Festivals

Every month the city of Zacatecas has a festival in the historical down town area. These festivals are always very cool with street performers, local artist & lots of food. There is a different theme each time. For August it is The International Folklore Dance Festival. There were dancers from Egypt, Germany, Columbia, Brazil, El Salvador, as well as Aztec and Mayan.
Nadia, Andrea, Tay, Marlen, Alice

99- Hector & Ferris

No trip to Zac would be complete with out seeing the two most adorable gatitos in Mexico!

98- Corona Factory
So the second largest Corona factory in the world is about 25 mins from our house.  The tours are free and very educational. The gift shop is awesome with T-shirts for less a than 4 bucks. Oh, and did I mention all the free beer you can stuff into your bag?

 Our visitors passes
 Chris & Pat

17,000 bottles of Corona every 2 minutes.

And the really funny part was, that there were 40 school kids with us. Only in Mexico does a high school filed trip consist of touring a beer factory. Chris says they are insuring customers for their future. 

97- La Bufa

La Bufa is an out-look over the whole city. Its the tallest point in all of Zacatecas, complete with zip line, cable cars, little shops, weather tower, restaurant and breath taking views.




96 Aboytes Candy Stores

There is a family here in Zac that are the candy suppliers for the whole state. (There eldest son is Gabe one of our good friends. It was his wedding in one of the earlier posts) They also own a about 10 candy stores here in the city. SOOOO that means.......FREE CANDY!


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